Irida is a small family owned & operated Bed & Breakfast. We want each visitor to feel at home and experience a magical time exploring Santorini. In order to achieve this we ask that you read our B&B policies before your visit.

Smoking, candle and incense

All of our apartments are no-smoking units. Visitors are welcome to smoke outside on the private verandas or communal verandas. For everyone’s safety we do not allow the use of candles or incense inside or outside the apartments.


We welcome families traveling with children over the age of 15.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pets.

Quiet time

We ask that all visitors keep noise level down and be respectful of tranquil and serine location (all hours of the day and night inside and outside of your apartment or the complex) so that we can all enjoy the quiet and relaxing moments of the summer.
We are located in a traditional village which means that buildings, trails, and distances from your neighbors (whether in the streets or in our property) are small and everything is closely knit so sounds like stomping feet or bagging suitcases or even talking on the cellphone can be easily heard by your neighbors!


We provide daily housekeeping in all common areas and in each apartment. For this reason we ask for your cooperation – if you use the kitchenette facilities please leave it the way you find it and follow the additional rules that you will find in your apartment. We appreciate your consideration for our facilities, staff and for your fellow travelers.


All types of apartments are primarily furnished and equipped to accommodate two persons. Each apartment has one European double bed we do not offer twin accommodations. We may facilitate separate sleeping arrangements by use of the European single size sofa bed.


We offer complimentary continental Greek-style breakfast to all our guests and served in the room between 08:30 - 10:00.


We ask that you care for your apartment as if it was your home. If damages or any problems do occur please let us know immediately so that we may address the problem for your own comfort & safety and that of the staff and future guests. We reserve the right to charge the visitor in full for the replacement and/or the repair of: mobile/static furnishings, linen/upholstery, decorative items, electrical appliances and/or any parts of the building if damages occur as a result of improper use.

Always remember Check list:

In case of emergency

Fire: each apartment is equipped with its own fire extinguisher.
Blackout: each apartment is equipped with its own safety and night light. Our water is provided to us through water pumps therefore the water supply will also be affected.
Earthquake: exit your apartment in a calm manner & meet at the front gate to be guided by our staff to the village meeting area.